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Utmost bearing selection service

Rolling bearings come in a wide variety of types, shapes and dimensions. To design a rolling bearing arrangement it is necessary to to select a suitable bearing type and to determine a suitable bearing size. However, a bearing arrangement does not only consist of rolling bearings but includes the components associated with the bearings such as the shaft and housing. The lubricant is also a very important component of the bearing arrangement because it has to prevent wear and protect against corrosion so that the bearing can deploy its full performance. Beside these, the seal is also a very important component, the performance of which is of vital importance to the cleanliness of the lubricant. Moreover, several other aspects have to be considered, such as appropriate fits and bearing internal clearance or preload, holding devices and installation and removal methods, etc.

Application solution

To successfully create value for customers demands a deep understanding of what customers specifically require and need with regard to products and services. Customers who manufacture large series of products such as vehicles, household appliances, pumps and electrical motors have very specific and exacting requirements with regard to technology, quality, logistics and price. we offer you standard and customized solutions that enable you to improve performance and, simultaneously, reduce overall costs.


Custom Products Design

Our ability to work closely with customers — effectively becoming a design partner — is the foundation of Viproce’s success. Our engineers understand that each application is unique. We have a long history of providing innovative and cost-efficient solutions, which give your designs a competitive edge.

Viporce regularly designs special bearings far beyond the scope of our standard product line. Whether smaller or larger, with special attributes, or made of special materials, we have the experience to design the optimum solution.

Some of the extreme solutions we have designed for include 1mm to 8” shaft diameters, capacities to 25,000 lbs. [11,340 kg], temperatures from -320° F to 600° F [-195° to 315° C], chemical exposure and UV resistance. More commonly, our engineers design for optimum performance, material utilization or to accommodate a special requirement demanded by the application or assembly process.


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