The increase in price of inner steel continues to decrease

The rising power of the domestic spot steel price is weakening, the price increase continues to narrow, and merchant shipping willingness to increase. The port stock level of imported iron ore continues to rise, and the price of ore is oscillating.
According to the latest market report, in the last week, the domestic spot steel price composite index was closed at 166.45, up 0.11% in a week. Spot steel prices xianyanghouyi, although the overall price a week continued rising trend, but the increase was significantly narrowed, power prices gradually weakened.
According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, the price xianyanghouyi. The average price of the main market of the main market of the country is 4822 yuan per ton, and 13 yuan a week. Market traders say the market has been sluggish for a few days after the price was once high. The steel futures market took the lead in a sharp decline, and the main contract price of the main thread steel slipped. The price of billet is also mainly to fall. By this effect, the price of spot steel from the rise and fall, the market mentality is weak. The inventory data of the most popular market inflection point, the construction steel market stocks were slightly increased by 0.2% weeks, over 9 weeks of decline.
In the plate market, the overall price increase is not big. The price of hot rolled strip rose slightly. The average market price of hot rolled products in the main market of the main market of the country was 4408 yuan per ton, and 28 yuan a week. The price of medium and thick plates is falling slightly. The average price of the main market of the main market in the main market of the country is 4359 yuan per ton, and 2 yuan a week. Although the leading steel mills have opened up the latest factory pricing, but with the combined demand of the demand side shrinking, the pressure from the end of the year is tight and the resources will increase later, the merchants’ willingness to ship more vigorously is strengthened.
Relevant institutions analysts believe that a period of time before the steel prices rose sharply, the market generally have high psychological, traders hoard goods will decline. At present, the terminal demand has a seasonal decline, and the stock pressure of the market begins to transmit to the steel factory, and the high price is difficult to support. Short term domestic steel prices remained weak die hard.

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Post time: Dec-25-2017
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