Schaeffler took part in the new silk road project

On June 20, 2018, Shevler Group signed an agreement with JSC “Kaztemirtrans”, a Kazakh railway freight car manufacturer under the flag of Kazakhstan National Railway, to repair axle box bearings at the end of May. Tens of thousands of axle box bearings are used in Kazakhstan. In the future, these axle box bearings will be repaired at Schaeffler’s factory in Uriyanovsk, Russia.

“The Schaeffler Group has helped modernize Kazakhstan’s railways through maintenance projects in its industrial division,” said Professor Rainer Linder, president of the Central and Eastern Europe/Central Asia and Africa subregion of Schaeffler on the occasion of the agreement. For Kazakhstan, this will be the key step for the Chinese government to build an important transportation hub along the road along the road, Lindell said. The Schaeffler group will also take part in the construction of the new silk road for the first time through this project. The New Silk Road aims to build modern industrial and transport equipment in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

On the basis of operating experience, bearing repair also creates a technical improvement. For example, Schaeffler developed a sealing system that works well at temperatures below 60 degrees Celsius. This technology is more in line with the requirements of the trans Eurasian transport channel.

Through the repair of Sheffler axle box bearings and similar products, Sheffler has made important contributions to carbon dioxide reduction in the transport chain. This process avoids the manufacture of new bearing products with high energy consumption. According to the customer’s needs, Schaeffler can also add DMC code to the bearing during the maintenance process. This allows you to build a full life cycle archive for the product. Based on the running and maintenance logs, an agreement can be reached with the operator to extend the maintenance interval, thereby reducing transportation costs.

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Post time: Aug-27-2018
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